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Exceptional Roofing.

Mastering stone, metal, & earth, we build the world's best historic roofs.
Our family of craftsmen transform slate, copper, & clay into a premium natural roof, finely built to the last nail. A silent protector, your historic roof will endure beautifully, inspiring future generations to build better.
Internationally Available
NRCA Gold Circle Winner
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Slate Roofing

Expert slate roof installation, repair, & restoration. No matter the building type, no matter the roof size, we provide the same premium service and attention to detail.

Traditional roofing methods, lasting materials, and a classic approach to business is The Durable Way and slate roofing is our art.

Tile Roofing

The Durable Slate Company is your expert clay tile roofing contractor with the experience to handle any clay tile roofing job, no matter the size or location.

Whether you have a few tiles out of place or want to discuss a new roof or tile roof replacement, we're ready. Let's talk.

Copper Roofing

A well maintained copper roof can last centuries. It brings incredible value to the home and surrounding neighborhood. But installation experience is the deciding factor on whether your roof will last a the ages or wilt within a few years.

Give your new copper roof the professional touch it deserves and contact a trusted contactor.

Copper Gutters

Copper gutters are a timeless, durable complement to your historic roof. The russet shine of new copper or the well-aged patina green can be a robust, highly functional and unobtrusive addition to your home’s exterior, or a striking conversation piece that is as beautiful as it is useful.

Ornamental Work

Though slate and metal roofs have much intrinsic beauty, patterns in the roof and ornamental elements such as finials, collector heads, decorative cornice, and other fancy metallic roof protrusions add another aspect of beauty to the exterior fabric.

Career & Employment

If you’re committed to quality craftsmanship and great working conditions, are dedicated to superior service and standards, and are interested in rewarding employment with The Durable Slate Company, please submit your application by using our online job board below.

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No-cost estimates are available for property owners, churches, public and private institutions, as well as corporations within Ohio, Maryland, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia and the District of Columbia. Estimates outside of these areas may incur a logistics fee.

The Durable Way

The Durable Way is our company philosophy and you'll find it posted in every branch office. More than a motto, it reiterates our commitment to timeless roofing work, customer satisfaction, employee advancement, and market growth. That's a lot, but it can be summarized easily: 

"A thing worth doing is worth doing well." We apply that idea to everything: every blueprint, every copper nail, every leaky chimney job. Everything we do benefits from that clarity of purpose.
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That's what it takes to make an exceptional roof: conscientious employees with world-class training, using proper tools, to transform the best materials into a roofing system that will survive a century (or longer). That's The Durable Way.
Gary Howes
Chief Operating Officer
The Durable Group
  • The completed work must be beautiful. More than a fix, the final product must look great.
    The work must be functional to its purpose. Use the right tools to completely fix the problem.
    Deliver a long-lasting product that will serve our customer for a reasonable amount of time.
    Complete every job efficiently with minimal disruption to the customer or their neighbors.
    As always, the customer must be satisfied.
  • Our completed work must be beautiful.

    Our historic roofing work is outstanding. It is simply not enough to repair a slate, tile, or copper roof. Yes, the leaks have been fixed and other problems fully resolved, but a truly durable roof needs to be stunning, a timeless and delightful statement piece that makes everything around it a little prettier. A lasting, functional, gorgeous art piece that happens to be a roof.
    This is The Durable Way.
  • Our completed work must be functional.

    Our historic roofing work is functional to its purpose. Simply, a roofing system needs to keep out the rain and snow. To prevent or repair a leak, for instance, we habitually think like rain drops and investigate any way water could intrude. This entails using the right tools, mortar especially, to make sure the repair lasts. Be smarter than water.
    This is The Durable Way.
  • Our completed work must be long lasting.

    Our historic roofing work will meet or exceed a respectable life-expectancy. Slate, tile, and copper are extremely durable roofing materials when installed correctly. Improper installation from amateur or non-specialist contractors can reduce their maximum longevity. We obsess over these tiny details and our historic roofs last longer with fewer problems as a result.
    This is The Durable Way.
  • Our work must be completed efficiently.

    Historic roofing is hard work. Slate, tile, and copper are all heavy duty building materials that require a lot of talented hands to manipulate and install properly. As such, individuals must be supported by a well-trained team, working together to achieve an artful end. Our teams learn to work together to produce beautiful work, quickly and smoothly, with limited disruption to your garden beds or nearby roads.
    This is The Durable Way.
  • Our customer must be satisfied.

    Ultimately, customer satisfaction is our top priority. She should enjoy a sense of completeness; the problem has been resolved and the work is beautiful. She can be confident the problem, whatever it was, won't return anytime soon. The job site is clean and the surroundings in good condition. We delivered what we promised and she is satisfied.
    This is The Durable Way.
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The Durable Slate Company is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, and has branches located throughout this region and the Mid-Atlantic, not far from Washington D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland. Our offices work together to provide prompt and qualified coverage to the entire United States, as well as international locations. We offer no-cost, professional estimates for historic roofs within our normal coverage area.

Our expert slaters and metal workers learn from the best: training programs built from generations of accumulated roofing experience and thousands of completed slate, clay, and metal roofing projects. We take pride in premium work and serious safety and have earned numerous local and national awards in recognition of our efforts, including the coveted IFD Award and several NRCA Gold Circle awards.

We cherish our commitment to quality craftsmanship, great working conditions, alongside superior customer service and ethical business practices. We strive to be the ideal historic roofing contractor for our customers and our employees. If you love to work with your hands, want to make a lasting difference, and develop high-demand skills, apply to join The Durable Slate Company today.

The Durable Slate Company was established in 1986. Since this time, we've received countless Letters of Recommendation and hundreds of online reviews praising our domestic and international historic roofing services. Customer service is always top of mind and we like to think that shows in our work and reputation. Doing good work means treating people with respect and conducting business transparently and fairly.

More than a roof.