2020 Gold Circle Award Winner for Steeple Square

The Durable Slate Company was officially awarded the 2020 Gold Circle Award for Steeple Square, Dubuque, Iowa for Outstanding Workmanship and Innovative Solutions.

The Gold Circle Award program recognizes Roofing alliance and NRCA members that make uniquely significant roofing contributions. This might be a particularly challenging job, abnormal working conditions, or require an unusually smart or difficult design solution. Safety preparedness is also taken into account.

At over 211 feet, Steeple Square is among the tallest churches in Dubuque. For this project, The Durable Slate Company and The Durable Restoration Company completely restored the upper steeple, requiring more than 15 thousand pounds of new copper, measuring over 100 feet, to create the flat-lock panels needed, plus another 10 thousand pounds of copper for added ornamentation.

Durable Restoration, Columbus, superintendent Jason Lee and his crew installed numerous copper elements, including copper aprons and pans, valleys, fascia, vented and layered dormers, gable ends, finials, and delicate gold leafing to complete the massive project.

To learn more about this and other awards we've earned, visit our dedicated awards page. If you'd like to learn more about Steeple Square, stop by our sister site, The Durable Restoration Company.

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