Meet the Team.

The Durable Slate Company was founded in 1986 on old-fashioned principles: treat your customer right and build a quality product. Over time, we grew beyond Ohio to service the entire United States, earning numerous professional distinctions over the years. Learn a bit about the men and women who make Durable Slate so special.

close up of steeple square copper welding work with blue sky in the backgroundclose up of steeple square copper welding work with blue sky in the background

John Chan, Owner

John started slate, tile and copper roofing at The Durable Slate Company while on college summer breaks in 1986. He resumed his career full-time after graduating from UCLA with a degree in Economics in 1989. After working through the ranks in the field, he became one of the principles of the company in 1992. In 1996, he relocated to open the Cincinnati branch. Once that office was fully staffed, he opened the New Orleans branch office in 2006. During this time, he worked on over 10,000 slate and tile roofs all over the United States and Europe. 

John is currently the President of the National Slate Association and was recently interviewed by Roofing

Gary Howes, COO

Gary started his career in the company in 1989 working in the field. He became quite an artisan and was awarded the Builder’s Exchange Craftsmanship Award in 1995. Having held numerous technical positions in the company, Gary was able to master the Durable Way, and rose to the level of principal and Executive Vice President of Operations in the company. He has also been certified to purchase and install historical mortars provided by the US Heritage group. 

For the Slate Roofing Contractors Association, Gary is Chairman of the Board, serves on the Education and Training Committee, and is a registered Training Instructor. He is also on the National Roof Contractor's Association's Board of Directors and serves on their Government Relations and Residential Contractors Committees.

Shane Day, AVP of Production

Shane started in the construction business in 1994. He joined The Durable Slate Company in 2001 as a foreman and worked his way up to Assistant Vice President of Quality Control. He was then promoted to the Director of Special Projects position and currently holds the position of Assistant Vice President of Production where he oversees all production for The Durable Group. 

Shane is a trained expert in slate, tile, copper, masonry, plaster, terra cotta and stone patching. He has consulted for and worked on thousands of historic buildings throughout his career including churches, lighthouses, museums, statehouses, etc.

The Durable Way

Our unique approach to historic roofing.

Proper Assessment

Our Assessment, action planning, and implementation strategies are unique to historic roof repair. Many of the “basic principles” and diagnostic techniques used by generic, modern day roofers do not apply to historic roofing. Slate, tile, and copper roofing each have different properties as compared to asphalt roofing, requiring different approaches. 

We’ve worked on countless old roofs, some dating back 300 years or more, and have learned how to best respect those differences. With such breadth of experience, we know what works and what doesn’t for every kind of roof and any kind of roofing or copper gutter problem. 

Our senior technical expert, John Chan, serves on the board of the National Slate Association, and is one of the leading experts in slate and clay tile roofing in the country.

Appropriate Materials

Many clay tiles made 50 – 100 years ago are no longer manufactured and the only way to match them is with reclaimed tile. Complicating matters further, many types of slate that were used on older buildings are still quarried but have weathered to a shade that can be vastly different than the freshly quarried. With one of the largest stocks of re-claimed slate and tile in the country, we can provide matching pieces for most slate or tile restorations, making for a seamless slate roof repair or clay-tile replacement.

Choosing new materials is equally as important. Factors such as weathering, the quality of the clay or stone at the time of quarrying, cleaving and cutting, etc, help determine the lasting durability of your new slate roof or repair. For new roof installations, we use only materials and suppliers with proven track records so your historic roof continues to stand the test of time.

Skilled Artisans

Our artisans have been honed to keen edge through training and real-world application. Generations of accumulated experience from expert slaters, not to forget thousands of completed roofing and renovation projects of all kinds, provide our craftsmen with the extensive practice and knowledge necessary to complete any historic roofing project.

Sadly, inexperienced slate and clay-tile roofers produce an inferior product. This means trouble down the line, like leaky chimneys, falling slate tiles, cracks, discoloration, and other dissatisfying or dangerous problems. The work of a skilled artisan can last a hundred years. Why dishonor your historic roof with anything less than the best?

Our artisans stand among the best world-wide.

Quality Control

Our Quality Control staff ensures that every single job is completed to the same uniformly high standard. They are responsible for the training and apprenticing of our personnel in the Durable Way.

This high standard of integrity in the company has lead to multiple awards for ethics and integrity including the International Award for Marketplace Ethics from the Better Business Bureau. 2019 North American Properties Award for Our Lady of Peace Chapel, on Xavier University, and frequent Super Service award’s from Angie’s List, given to the top 5% of companies who sustain a superior service rating each year.

Our Licenses

Fully licensed and insured.
  • Alabama: Residential License #10398
  • Florida: Certified Roofing Contractor #CCC1327270, Certified General Contractor #CGC1514873
  • Georgia: #GCQA002039
  • Iowa: General Contractor License #C127792
  • Louisiana: Building Construction License #44869
  • Maryland: Home Improvement License #105029
  • Michigan: Residential Builder License 2101201404
  • Mississippi: Building Construction License #15345
  • Nebraska: General Contractor License #19782-21
  • New Jersey: Home Improvement Contractor License # 13VH07094100
  • North Carolina: General Contractor License #72522
  • North Dakota: Class A Contractor License #34981
  • Pennsylvania: Home Improvement License #PA078670
  • South Carolina: General Contractor License #114866
  • Tennessee: General Contractor License #59190
  • Virginia: Class A #2705140896
  • Washington D.C.: Business License #4105120004009
  • West Virginia: General Contractor License #WV037484
More than a roof. It's a Legacy.