Manassas, VA

Annaburg Manor is undergoing extensive exterior restoration, including restoring the asphalt roof to slate, repairing the deteriorated cornice and box gutter, and preserving the many historic characteristics that make Annaburg Manor so significant. Alongside our sister company, Durable Restoration, we are undertaking the work using accepted historic preservation practices and materials.

Focusing on the roof, the asphalt shingles are being replaced with historically appropriate Vermont Strata Grey slate which matches the original slate in type and size based on slate discovered in the attic.

Deteriorated decking is being replaced in-kind and the new roof will feature copper valley, flashing, and pans. Expertly installed, this roof should have a life expectancy in excess of 150 years.

To learn more, please visit The Durable Restoration Company's project page for Annaburg Manor.

More than a roof. It's a Legacy.