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    • Why Slate Roofing is Worth the Investment

      January 20, 2020

      Slate is an exceptional roofing material and worthwhile investment in your home. The famous longevity and beauty of slate adds […]

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    • How to Repair a Slate Roof

      January 22, 2012

      Hi. I’m Deanna Meske here with HRC TV. HRC provides you with subject specific videos that you can use to […]

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    • How to Install a New Slate Roof

      Today we are taking you to meet one of the top slate installers in the country who is also the […]

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    • Another Opinion on ‘This Old Wasteful House’

      April 8, 2009

      This op-ed piece in Monday’s New York Times has people all over the historic preservation community talking. So, I figured […]

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