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    • Why proper underlayment can extend the life of your tile roof

      October 23, 2017

      With their hardiness and old world appeal, tile roofs bring a historic character to the home; however, after 60-100 years, […]

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    • Is Your Roof Ready for Winter? Ice Damming

      October 25, 2016

      When there is heavy snow accumulation on the roof, the warm temperatures from inside the house can melt the snow […]

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    • How to Handle Storm Damage on Your Roof

      February 12, 2009

      Our advice to homeowners experiencing storm damage on their roofs: Call your roofer IMMEDIATELY if you suspect there might be […]

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    • A Little Yankee Ingenuity

      February 10, 2009

      You might not know it now, but I have some very fond memories watching Bob Vila on This Old House […]

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    • Are You Investing in Your Home This Year?

      January 27, 2009

      As I was reading the Angie’s List Company Connect newsletter this afternoon, I came across a surprising figure: 60 percent […]

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    • Prevent Harmful Ice Dams on Your Roof

      January 21, 2009

      Did you know that many older homes are either without felt or have deteriorated felt between their slate and wood […]

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