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Copper Roofing Experts

We provide exceptional copper and metal roofing services, including, but not limited to standing seam, flat-lock, custom ornamental work and decorative chimney caps. For small or large, curved or flat roofs, copper is a timeless, beautiful solution that can last centuries if installed by a skilled hand.

Cincinnati's Copper Heritage

Copper is a beautiful roofing material, whether it is used exclusively or alongside their durable counterparts, slate and clay-tile. The russet shine of new copper is warm and inviting, while the well-aged patina green and brown copper roof resembles our nation's most cherished buildings and statues.

When designed and installed by capable craftsmen, copper roofs provide Cincinnati with a long-term roofing option that requires low maintenance and no painting, unlike other metal roofing options.

As a flexible metal, copper can be adapted to almost any roofing application, but two installation types are common throughout Cincinnati.
private residence with standing seam copper roof

Standing-Seam Copper Roofs

Especially common to this area and Northern Kentucky are copper standing seam roofs, often called "tin" roofs. Standing seam roofs include a visible seam that crimps uniform copper panels together in a water tight seal. When performed by an experienced craftsman, these seams add dimension and texture to your copper roof, drawing the eye up to the top-most edge of your historic roof. 

A custom standing seam copper roof installed by our professionally trained craftsmen can last for 75 years, possibly in excess of a century.
cincinnati copper standing seam roof with fall foliage and chimney in the background

Flat-Lock Copper Roofs

A flat-lock copper roof is often installed on smaller, shallow pitched roofs or curved structures such as domes and barrel vaults.

For roofs with a shallow pitch, a tight seal is necessary to prevent leaking in case water pools. For this, we seal each seam with an industry leading, lead-free solder to ensure a water tight seal.

As with all copper roofs, flat-lock copper roofs are durable, lasting 75 years or longer, and age gracefully with an accumulating patina.
cincinnati copper roof with flat lock, lead-free soldered roof

Flat-Lock Copper Roof Projects:

Copper Dormers

Copper dormers extend outward from the sloping surface of the roof, usually encapsulating a vent, window, or other roofing structure. Window dormers add usable space to the roofing interior, protect the window inside, providing light and air-flow to the interior. In general, dormers helps to normalize the room's interior. The building's exterior can resemble a quaint cottage or grandiose church, depending on the dormers size, type, and placement. 

As you can imagine, copper dormers come in a variety of types and styles. Gable (or Dog-house) dormers have two sloping roof segments that meet in the middle, resembling a dog house. Eyebrow dormers, in which the roofing material carries over the top of the dormer, making up its roof, and resembles a half-closed or sleepy eye. And the beautiful bonnet dormer, with a rounded roofing shape that looks arched when viewed from the front.

While dormers can be made out of wood and other materials, copper dormers enjoy the same incredible longevity as any other copper product and will develop the same antique patina for a wonderfully aged look.
custom copper dormer window
a copper dormer designed and installed by the durable slate company in Cincinnati
A triangular copper vent seen in cincinnati
More than a roof. It's a legacy.