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Using stone, metal, & earth, we build the world's best historic roofs. Our family of craftsmen transform slate, copper, & clay into a premium & bespoke product. Available Monday through Friday, 8 - 5pm (EST). Call us toll-free to arrange your historic roofing estimate or submit an electronic quote request below.

Toll Free: 1 (877) 340-9181

The Durable Slate Company is a nationally available historic roofing company. We offer premium slate, clay-tile, and copper roofing or gutter services to everyone, no matter the job size or roof style. Our offices are located throughout Ohio and Maryland; together, our experts service the entire United States (and abroad).

Free estimates are available for property owners, churches, public and private institutions, as well as corporations within Ohio, Maryland, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia and the District of Columbia

Estimates outside of these areas may incur a logistics fee. See disclaimer below or call 1 (877) 340-9181 for more details.

Mid-Atlantic Region

The Durable Slate Company: Mid-Atlantic Branch services the entire East Coast and Southern United States, as well as the District of Columbia.

Alongside our branches and field offices, we provide premium historic roofing services throughout Maryland, Virginia, as far south as Florida and Louisiana, and everywhere in-between.
8725 Bollman Place, Suite 8
Savage, MD 20763
(240) 636-5948
Susana Willis
Susana Willis, Office Manager for Durable Slate Mid-Atllantic

Mid-West Headquarters

Established in 1986, our Columbus, Ohio, headquarters provide local historic roofing services and coordinates larger national and international roofing projects. Working closely with our offices in Cleveland and Cincinnati, we offer premium roofing services throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and Arkansas.
3933 Groves Road
Columbus, OH 43232
(614) 299-7100
Cody Howes
cody howes, estimate manager for the durable slate company

Cincinnati Region

Serving the Cincinnati metro area, as well as Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee, including Indianapolis, Anderson, Evansville, Louisville, Nashville, Lexington, Knoxville, and more.
170 Novner Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45215
(513) 621-3466
Caden Glenn
Caden Glenn, office manager for the durable slate company

Cleveland Region

Serving the Cleveland tri-county area, as well as nearby Akron, Canton, Youngstown, Sandusky, Toledo, and Erie, PA, and Ohio and Pennsylvania broadly.
26285 Broadway Ave, 
Suite A-3
Oakwood Village, OH 44146
(216) 889-7663
Geoff Mitchell
a man smiling for the camera

Louisiana Region

The Durable Slate Company: Louisiana office, working closely with our Mid-Atlantic office, services the entire Southern United States.

We provide exceptional slate, tile, and copper roofing services throughout Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, and South Carolina.
2117 Veterans Blvd,
Suite 341
Metairie, LA 70002
(216) 889-7663
Cody Howes
cody howes, estimate manager for the durable slate company

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If requesting an estimate, provide your street address and phone number, as well as the service address.
Sometimes we dispatch community interviews, maintenance recommendations, and historical information we hope you'll enjoy.
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