Durable Difference: Equipment Inspections

From tools to scaffolding to hard hats, regular safety inspections ensure our equipment never fails when we need it most.

Durable Slate’s policy requires employees to inspect fall protection gear (harness, hard hat, glasses, etc.) every time it is used; additionally, a more thorough inspection of fall protection gear is performed every six months. As for scaffolding, inspections vary from six months to a year, Safety Director Joe Redd said.

Even something as simple as a bend in the metal of a scaffold or ladder could potentially weaken it, making it unsafe to use, Redd added.

“Fall protection equipment is engineered to withstand a certain amount of force. As soon as it’s not in good condition, we throw it out,” Redd said. “The last thing we want is for it to fail when we need it most.”

One particular piece of equipment that often goes unnoticed is the strap of a harness (Durable Slate enforces the use of harnesses whenever a job is more than six feet off the ground). For more on Durable Slate’s emphasis on fall protection, click here.

, Durable Difference: Equipment Inspections

According to the manufacturer’s instructions, it’s best to replace a harness after 5 years. In that period of time, the straps of the harness lose 40% of its tensile strength.

Power tools and hand tools are often pieces of equipment that go unnoticed, too.

“Regular inspections of our tools keep them in good shape, ensuring an excellent slate or tile repair every time,” Redd said.

Inspections of equipment often take place at our offices in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. With a thorough inspection every morning, our employees maintain our high standards and bring that quality to your historic structure.

Joe Redd (pictured on the left) serves as the safety director for The Durable Slate Company. He has been with the company for 13 years and spent the last three years improving safety.

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