Durable Difference: Training & Experience

Durable Slate’s emphasis on training and experienced staff makes it a company that is uniquely suited to installing and repairing slate, tile and copper roofs.

All Durable Slate roofers have received significant training on the many techniques of historic roofing. The training program focuses on various aspects of installation and repair such as proper nailing techniques, the use of different types of underlayments and various flashing details.

Under-nailing or over-nailing slate can lead to significant problems. Under-nailing is when nails are left projecting above the face of the slate, which can cause “nail pops” or cracking of the overlying slates in the future.  Over-nailing occurs when the nails are set too tightly, which can either shatter the slate around the nail hole and allow it to slide out or leave a hairline crack across the slate; this will eventually cause the bottom of the slate to break off.

The proper overlapping of the slates is especially important to prevent leaks, said Mark Sherby, quality control expert for The Durable Slate Company.

Referred to as the head lap, it is defined as the top portion of slate that is covered by the two successive courses, there is a triple thickness of slates at these locations.  Head lap is what makes a roof watertight.  Standard head lap is 3 inches, however, head lap should be increased to 4 inches on low pitched roofs.

Durable Slate’s Apprenticeship Program focuses on the development of our artisans in the areas of slate/tile and copper work.

“There’s always something new to learn,” Sherby said. “We want to broaden our employees’ skillsets so that they’re able to tackle whatever the job requires.”

Durable Slate currently has four levels of achievement for each trade. To proceed through each level, employees must complete the necessary training courses, be checked off as proficient at the various skills and acquire all the needed tools.

The four levels for each trade are:

  • Apprentice
  • Tender
  • Journeyman
  • Master

“If you want quality work from well trained and proficient craftsmen, the Durable Slate Company is who you want to call,” Sherby said. “We know the techniques. We have the skills. We have the experience.”

Mark Sherby works out of The Durable Slate Company’s Columbus branch. Working in the Quality Control Division, Mark has more than 15 years of experience on slate and tile roofs.

More than a roof. It's a Legacy.