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Durable Restores Historic Town Clock

The preservation of history has always been an important aspect of The Durable Slate Company, and a recent project reflects that importance greatly. Earlier this year, the company acquired a job in Plain City, Ohio. The job encompassed restoring an old clock tower that sat in the middle of the town. As it turns out, this clock is over a century old and has been a historic land mark for the village of Plain City, with the residents taking great pride in its history. The clock was given to the town back in 1902 by a local farmer affectionately known as “Uncle Sammy Taylor”. Since its gifting, the folks who reside in Plain City have manually wound the clock, ensuring it will continue to run.

After months of hard work restoring the clock to all its glory, the clock was finally positioned back into place on November 30th. Over the course of several hours, a crane slowly moved the clock back atop the Tique-Tock Antiques and Collectibles Shop. Although the weather was chilly, scores of folks gathered around to watch their beloved landmark return home. Having been around for so long, it’s hard to tell how many more decades or even centuries this clock will continue to tick. But as long as the residents of this small town continue to show care and love for it, as the old saying goes, only time will tell.

More than a roof. It's a legacy.