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Location: Gaithersburg, MD

A previous contractor replaced the water diverter flashing that was installed around the perimeter of the train station and the back side of the museum. Unfortunately, the water diverter was installed incorrectly, causing leaks which damaged the tongue and groove soffit.

The Durable Slate Company was hired to remove the slate above the water diverter, install a new wood curb as well as replace the newly installed water diverter using copper and lead free solder. The existing wood soffit had lead based paint on it which required lead abatement.

Both the train station and the museum stayed active during the entire project which required special care and attention. The lead abatement had to be contained, a barrier had to placed around the perimeter of each building which properly directed pedestrians to a designated entrance.

While the project was underway, we were additionally contracted to replace the chimney's valley and wall flashings using copper.

Learn more about the museum and the history of Gaithersburg by visiting the official website.

More than a roof. It's a legacy.