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Washington, District of Columbia

In spite of frequent efforts by their trusted local roofer, Georgetown Lutheran's water infiltration problems seemed irreparable. On inspection, however, the repairs were completed very poorly.

First, the contractor was unable to find the correct clay-roofing tile and used an ill-fitting alternative. Thankfully, The Durable Slate Company has one of the largest stockpiles of reclaimed clay-tiles in the country and, although the original manufacturer went out of business in the 1920's, we were able to complete the repair using the correct Wedge tiles. All incorrect clay-tiles and flashings were removed and correctly re-installed.

Next, large copper pans had been installed with insufficient room for thermal movement. Instead, they were locked and solder together, causing them to tear apart after only a few years. This resulted in new leaks in the same areas as before. All affected copper pans were removed and replaced to allow for thermal movement.

Lastly, the old mortar was falling out in certain places and it was replaced with Portland Cement.  The Portland Cement was too hard and cracking some of the old stones.  They didn't know what was happening so the old company went back and caulked everything including the weep holes under the windows.  With the weep holes clogged up, water started pouring in under the windows.  We removed all the caulking and fixed the cracked mortar with historic lime mortar that could move without cracking.

More than a roof. It's a legacy.