How to Handle Storm Damage on Your Roof

Our advice to homeowners experiencing storm damage on their roofs: Call your roofer IMMEDIATELY if you suspect there might be a problem. You will want to get on a roofing contractor’s schedule of inspections as soon as possible. The quicker you get someone out to look at your roof, the sooner repairs can be scheduled and insurance claims can be made. The Durable Slate Company has more than twenty years of experience assisting customers with insurance claims and making sure they get the assistance they deserve.The Durable Slate Company has 140 employees and can respond to emergency situations much faster than many smaller, local companies. During the September windstorm in 2008, we handled each and every estimate call that came in. Many other local companies stopped taking storm-related calls after a few days because they simply weren’t equipped to handle that volume of clients. The Durable Slate Company is experienced in handling extreme natural disasters (Hurricanes Ike, Katrina, Gustav, etc.) and knows how to best protect your home after extreme storms.

Important note:

A mistake homeowners made after the September windstorm- they waited until a few days after the damage had been done and it started raining. Leaks were pouring through their homes and they had to deal with interior damage on top of roof repairs because they didn’t call to get repairs done soon enough.

If you have serious damage, like a fallen tree or a gaping hole in your roof, make sure you let your roofing contractor know right away so that they can come out and install an emergency dry-in. An emergency dry-in will keep the interior of your home safe and dry and will not damage any of the components of your roof.

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