Is Your Roof Ready for Winter? Ice Damming

When there is heavy snow accumulation on the roof, the warm temperatures from inside the house can melt the snow at the bottom of the accumulation causing water to run towered the eaves where it then refreezes, creating an ice dam at the edges of the roof and along the gutters. As the snow and ice from the roof start to melt, it cannot drain away. The water then gets forced up under the slates by the weight of the snow; without proper underlayment, water can seep through the existing underlayment and damage the interior of your home.

Signs of water penetration:

  • Peeling Paint
  • Dark Stains on the walls and/or ceiling
  • Masonry deterioration
  • Decaying wood under the gutter

While icicles appear beautiful, they are also a sign that your roof and gutters need an inspection to prevent damage. Let us protect your home before the winter weather starts. The Durable Slate Company has offices located throughout the Eastern United States, including: Columbus, OH; Cincinnati, OH; Cleveland, OH; Baltimore, MD; Rockville, MD, and more. Call us today for a free, honest inspection and prepare your roof for the upcoming winter weather.

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