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Baltimore, MD

The Ivy Hotel, one of Baltimore’s best secrets, is as gorgeous as it is welcoming. Located in historic Mount Vernon, it boasts 18 guest rooms, a luxury spa, and world-class restaurant. To help preserve The Ivy’s marvelous historic roof, we replaced or installed anew approximately 340 slates with reclaimed or salvaged Peach Bottom slate.

Framing this fantastic roof is extensive copper work: we removed the slates and ridge on the top-most row, replaced the slate, and installed 230’, 20 oz copper ridging atop the new slate. In addition, we installed 170’ of new “W” style, 20 oz copper valleys, five new copper chimney flashings with neatly soldered corners, and new copper counter flashings. The turret wall received new copper step and counter flashing and a copper cricket was installed behind the chimney. And finally, we installed a double lock, copper standing seam on the rear roof, as well as countless other copper embellishments throughout.

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More than a roof. It's a legacy.