Location: Washington, District of Columbia

In 1905, Norway established their first embassy in Washington, D.C. and it ranks among Norway's largest. The United States and Norway's close relationship strengthened between 1825 and 1940 when over one-third of Norway’s population emigrated to the United States.

Whiting-Turner Contracting Company and The Durable Slate Company are collaborating on this project.  While Whiting-Turner is responsible for the addition to the embassy, The Durable Slate Company will be installing insulation and approximately 3,000 square feet of standing seam, pre-patinaed copper. Patina is the green layer that forms on copper due to age and exposure.  This type of copper was chosen to pay homage to the Statue of Liberty.

Eight inches of poly iso-insulation and plywood will also be installed including the curved surfaces.

Lady Liberty's famous green copper came from a mine in the village of Visnes, Norway.  The copper in this town was discovered in 1865, ten years before the Statue of Liberty was built and is be among the most active Norwegian copper mines in history.  In Visnes, a replica of the Statue of Liberty can be found holding her torch to pay tribute to the original historic monument.

3d Model

Scale Model

In Progress

More than a roof. It's a legacy.