Lima, Peru

The Durable Slate Company was contacted by Robert A.M. Stern Architects, LLP, an architect firm based in New York City, to consult on their project Pezet Towers, in Lima, Peru.

Beyond consulting, we worked with talented local contractors to restore the back of several luxury suites. As we worked, we taught these contractors how to work with slate the material, design layouts, nail correctly, how to step flash, counter flash, build aprons, chimney flashing, and how to apply the sheet metal atop each barrel dormer.

For this project we used 180 squares of Vermont Semi-Weathering Grey-Green slate. However, since no tools or slate material was available locally, everything had to be shipped internationally. This proved quite the logistical challenge, given the distance.

To learn more about the incredible experience of bringing slate to Peru, please read "Overcoming barriers: A Vermont slate roof in Peru"

More than a roof. It's a legacy.