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Prevent Harmful Ice Dams on Your Roof

Did you know that many older homes are either without felt or have deteriorated felt between their slate and wood deck? This does not provide adequate protection during harsh winters. When there is a heavy snow accumulation on the roof, the warm temperatures from inside the house can melt the snow at the bottom of the accumulation causing water to run toward the eaves. As this water runs to the eaves, it refreezes because the soffits are unheated. This can result in an ice dam at the perimeter of the house. Subsequent melting can run into this ice dam and leak into the house behind the fascia board or through the roof decking if there is not adequate dripedge or high-back gutters along with ice and water shield around the perimeter.The Durable Slate Company has been keeping homes safe and dry with reliable underlayments and high-back gutters for more than twenty years. This type of preventative maintenance is crucial to the upkeep of your slate roof and is a permanent fix. Make sure you rely on an experienced and trusted company to protect your home from this kind of damage.Tim Carter talks about gutter ice, a similar problem, here. Helpful information on insulation and ventilation can be found here.

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