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Columbus, OH

Working alongside Richey Construction, we built a new addition onto their home, replete with a slate tile roof, copper gutters, and other ornamental embellishments.

First, where the addition was expected to tie into the existing slate roof, we removed all necessary tiles and underlayment along that edge. After the addition had been framed, we installed underlayment, slate tiles, and copper flashing. To best match the addition to the original roof, we used slate salvaged from the existing roof and recovered Vermont Weathering Green slate tiles from our warehouse. This was capped with a custom copper ridge vent on the peak of the upper addition. The peaks of the lower addition and new bay roof received fresh copper standing seam roofs. Finally, the additions were framed with a beautiful new set of copper gutters and downspouts. 

For the garage we removed the original flat roof, installed new fiber board, concluding with a new, fully adhered rubber membrane roof. Steel gutters and downspouts were installed alongside the new garage roof.

More than a roof. It's a legacy.