Location: Charleston, SC

This is a private residence on the Battery in Charleston, SC.  It's a Ludowici Spanish clay tile roof.  Their roofer told them their leaks came from poorly installed gutters, so they got brand new copper gutters installed, but this did not resolve their leaking problem. The flashing were also bad. A previous contractor appears to have picked up and re-laid the tile roof, because we discovered new Ice and Water shield at the perimeter of the roof. 

However, when we went to replace the flashings, we found that the roof was trapping all of the water and caused massive damage to the deck as well as the structural members.  The advanced wood rot is evidenced in the video below. The wood had to be cut out and replaced. We then picked up and re-laid the tile and replaced the copper gutters that were less than 1 year old.  These new gutters were installed with lead free solder, instead of caulk as before, and expansion joints to allow for thermal movement.

More than a roof. It's a Legacy.