Slate Roof Repairs & Installations

As one of the largest installers of slate roofing in the world, Durable Slate can handle any kind of slate roof on any kind of building. With the largest stock of reclaimed slate in the country, we can match most slate roofs whether performing a complete restoration, or installing a slate roof on an addition, or repairing large sections damaged by fire, wind, storms, and other forces of nature.For installations with new slate, we prefer to install only the highest quality time-tested slates from the quarries of the Vermont Slate Valley, Virginia Buckingham, Southeastern Canada, Wales, and certain select European quarries. The combination of high quality slate, expert flashing design and installation, correct soldering, necessary underlayments for the conditions, and proper slate laying and fastening produces an aesthetic, long-lasting roof that should have a serviceable life of 100+ years easily.