Safety is the No. 1 Goal

Safety is the No. 1 goal at Durable Slate. Not only will it prevent injuries, but help us complete the job.

“Safety should be at the forefront of every employee,” Durable Slate’s Safety Director Joe Redd said. “And when you’re safe, a better all-around job will be the result.”

Redd points to three key areas:

  1. Create a safety plan
  2. A safe environment makes a more confident, efficient worker
  3. Injury prevention

No. 1 – Planning for safety is essential. Employees who bring everything they might need are less likely to take unnecessary risks. These same employees are also more productive, Redd said.

“When you barely take what you need, you’re either going to break a safety rule or slow down to get more safety equipment,” he said.

No. 2 – An employee who creates a safe working environment will naturally speed up their work. They don’t have to tread as cautiously because the environment is inherently safe or as safe as can be.

No. 3 – By far the most important criteria is avoiding injuries. Anytime someone is injured, it creates a void in Durable Slate’s skilled workforce.

These voids in our workforce take time to mend due to the craftsmanship and technical nature of the job; it may take as long as a year for an employee to become proficient in the basics of slate roofing.

“Our people are priceless. If they’re hurt and can’t work, we’d feel that loss in every department,” Redd said. “We’re a family company, and each employee is invaluable.”

Joe Redd serves as the safety director for The Durable Slate Company in Columbus. He has been with the company for 13 years and spent the last three years improving safety.

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