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Hello Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase, Maryland, began as a modest 560 acre plot, northwest of what would eventually become Washington. Colonel Joseph Belt received a patent for this Maryland acreage in 1725; he would name it “Cheivy Chace.” These acres would remain undeveloped farmland for another century until two enterprising men saw fit to transform it into one of America’s first fully planned suburbs.

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Slate Roofing in Chevy Chase

The Durable Slate Company proudly serves Chevy Chase, Maryland, and surrounding areas. Our specialties include slate roofing, clay tile roofing, and copper roofing. We also work with copper gutters and custom copper ornamentation.

As a company, we adhere to our own philosophy, called The Durable Way. Simply, this means integrity in all things, superior roofing service, and a respect for time-honored tradition and methods.
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The Durable Slate Company, Mid-Atlantic branch serves all of Maryland, including Baltimore, as well as Hagerstown, Chevy Chase, and Annapolis.

We also serve the entirety of New Jersey, Delaware, and North Carolina. We also often frequent Pennsylvania and Virginia.

The professionals at The Durable Slate Company: Mid-Atlantic Branch provide incredible customer service to the residents and businesses throughout Chevy Chase and surrounding areas, including Washington D.C., Baltimore, and more.
Spanish Colonial Revival, Stanford Street, Chevy Chase, MD

Time Honored Craft, Classic Service

Unlike most roofing contractors, we specialize in slate, clay-tile, and custom copper solutions.

If you’re in need of slate roof repair, a new clay-tile roof, or an inspection of your original copper gutters, or more, contact The Durable Slate Company. Estimates are free for property owners within our service areas (see disclaimer below). Our estimators never work on commission and will make recommendations that are for the good of your roof, not their own pocket-books. We insist on transparency and education to help our customers understand the work needed and the associated costs.

Our approach to business is as timeless as our roofs: Honest, straight forward, and tailored to your needs and the needs of your roof.
Tudor Revival, Meadow Lane, Chevy Chase, MD

Chevy Chase & Historic Roofs

The small suburban town of Chevy Chase, Maryland, has a long and storied history. Located just northwest of Washington, D.C., Chevy Chase has been a favorite of presidents and other prominent figures for centuries.

The 1900’s were a time of intense urban transformation. Rail and electric street-cars freed city-bound workers to travel beyond, giving access and value to sub-urban areas. Francis G. Newlands, a future congressman and recipient of the Comstock Lode fortune, and William Stewart, a Senator, saw the nascent opportunity and bought thousands of acres along what would eventually become Connecticut Avenue.

Originally part of the land granted to George Washington in 1745, Chevy Chase was developed in the late 19th century as a summer retreat for the wealthy residents of Washington, D.C. The town was named after the nearby horse race track, which was owned by the prominent Chevy Chase Land Company.

They imagined a beautiful and sophisticated community; well-built homes amidst a park like setting. Neat sidewalks, picturesque lakes, and cultivated parks. Commercial properties were pushed to the periphery, leaving the interior clean and family friendly. Indeed, Newlands and Stewart included every modern convenience: electricity, water, plumbing, schools, churches, recreational centers, and more. All of it connected to the beating heart of America, Washington D.C via street car and, eventually automobile. For its time, the street car was essential; workers moved to and from the city, bringing groceries and other goods with them. Residents used the streetcar frequently for convenient and affordable travel.

By the early 1900s, Chevy Chase had its first electric trolley service and a train line connecting it to Washington, D.C., making it even more attractive to Washingtonians. The town was home to several prominent figures, such as President Woodrow Wilson, who enjoyed spending time in the area.

Intended as a model town, Chevy Chase was among the first fully planned communities. The robust homes, buildings, and tree lined streets are all the result of careful planning and the hard work of top architects. Common urban building styles, like row homes and apartments, were prohibited. Roads were given room to wander and suit the natural splendor of the land. It was designed, in part, as a reaction to American urban sprawl. An oasis of sorts that could only be reached by train or car.

By the early 20th century, Henry Ford’s consumer friendly Model T automobile would displace the electric street car. Stable and carriage houses were transformed into “auto houses” and Chevy Chase would become an inspiring, exemplary automobile suburb. As World War I concluded and Washington revved down, government workers migrated en masse to the suburbs, seeking single family homes and a yard. During this time, Chevy Chase saw unprecedented growth and development.
By the 1950s, Chevy Chase was chosen as the location for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Walter Reed Army Medical Center. These two institutions are still located in the town and are major employers in the area.

Today, Chevy Chase is a small suburban town with a population of around 8,000. The town is known for its beautiful tree-lined streets, Victorian homes, and vibrant downtown area. It is also home to a number of parks and recreational facilities, as well as the renowned Chevy Chase Country Club.

In spite of this growth, the original vision of handsome houses and generously tree-filled streets remains intact. An eclectic mix of Bungalows and Craftsmen style homes (from late 1910-1920), alongside Colonial Revival, Neoclassical, Tudor, and Mediterranean (1920 – 1940) have cemented Chevy Chase as a great example of quality design, build, and preservation.

Chevy Chase has a rich history, and is a beloved town by many who have had the pleasure of living or visiting it. From its humble beginnings as a summer retreat to its current status as an affluent suburb of Washington, D.C., Chevy Chase has been a part of history for centuries.

In Chevy Chase, slate roofs are found on many of the area's historic buildings. The most notable example is the Chevy Chase Arcade, which was built in 1910 and is the oldest commercial building in the town. The Arcade is a two-story building with a slate roof and a distinctive bell tower. The bell tower is a prominent feature of the building, and its ringing was used to announce the beginning and end of the workday.

Slate roofs can also be found on many of the town's residential buildings. These homes were built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and many of them feature slate roofs with intricate designs and details. The slate roofs add a unique charm to these buildings and make them stand out from their more modern counterparts.

The copper roofs of Chevy Chase are a visible symbol of the city's past. Besides the numerous slate and clay-tile roofs, many of the buildings that were built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries were constructed with copper roofs. These copper roofs helped to protect the buildings from the elements and were a sign of the city's wealth and prosperity. The copper roofs have also become a symbol of the city's commitment to preservation.

Over the years, many buildings in Chevy Chase have been lovingly restored to their original condition and their copper roofs have been preserved. This preservation has helped to create a unique architectural landscape in the city that is distinct from other cities in the area. The copper roofs of Chevy Chase are also a reminder of the city's legacy of craftsmanship. Many of the buildings with copper roofs were built by skilled craftsmen who put great care and attention into their work. The copper roofs of these buildings are a testament to the skill and dedication of the people who built them.
Bungalow on Maple Ave, Chevy Chase, MD
tudor revival style houses on oakridge avenue, 1929
4500 Leland Street, Chevy Chase, MD
an electric street car from the 19th century, chevy chase, maryland

Choose Durable Slate

The Durable Slate Company is a leading provider of slate roof repair, installation, and restoration services in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and beyond. Beginning as a small slate roofing company in Columbus, Ohio, we have become one of the largest slate roofing companies in the United States, with offices located throughout Ohio and Maryland. Our mastery of historic repair methods and focus on exceptional customer service have contributed to our growth and success.

Thanks to our extensive repair experience and history, The Durable Slate Company is equipped to handle any slate roof repair or installation of any size on any type of building. We also have a large stock of reclaimed slate, allowing us to match most original slate for a seamless repair or full roof replacement. Whether your slate roof has been damaged by fire, wind, storm, or other forces of nature, or simply requires upkeep, you can trust The Durable Slate Company for your slate roof repair needs.

Reclaimed slate is also a great option for new installations, providing a wonderfully aged and classic look without waiting for a century. If an antique roof's slate shingles are in good condition, it is often possible to install new underlayment and copper flashing, preserving the original slate and matching damaged tiles from our reclaimed slate stores. We provide a thorough evaluation by a professional at no additional cost to you to determine the best option for your slate roof.
For installations with new slate, we only use the highest quality time-tested slates from quarries in Vermont Slate Valley, Virginia Buckingham, Southeastern Canada, Wales, and select European quarries. Combining high-quality slate with expert flashing design and installation, correct soldering, necessary underlayments for the conditions, and proper slate laying and fastening produces an aesthetic, long-lasting roof that should have a serviceable life of 100 years or longer. Cutting corners on any of these factors can shorten the life span of a slate roof from a century to a few years or less. At The Durable Slate Company, we replace numerous slate roofs that were less than 10 years old because an essential craft was neglected.

Imported slates may be beautiful, but many are of such poor quality that they start rusting and falling apart within a few years of installation. We believe that a high-quality slate is just as essential as a reliable, expert slater. Trust The Durable Slate Company to provide you with the highest quality slate roofing services in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and beyond.

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