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From slate or clay-tile roofing to copper gutters to precision ornamental metal work, The Durable Slate Company can handle any specialty roofing project of any size, anywhere. Whether small or large, all roof repairs receive the same attention and commitment to quality.
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    Clay Tile Roofing

    We install, repair and restore all types of clay roof tiles expertly, by contractors with in-depth knowledge and respect for the roofing material.

    The repair and restoration of old clay tile roofs should only be done by a roofing contractor with suitable expertise; too often tile restoration is carried out by contractors without the in-depth knowledge and skill required, resulting in many ruined clay tile roofs. Choose Durable instead.

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    Metal Roofing

    The Durable Slate Company installs all types of metal roofing including standing seam, batten seam, soldered flat lock, metal shingles, diamond pattern, and other custom systems.

    With proper fastening, skilled handling of joints, and adequate consideration for thermal and building movement, a well-installed metal roof can last many decades with little or no maintenance.

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    Gutter Services

    We install all types of hanging copper gutters from standard 16oz. k-style to custom heavy gauge gutters with bar stock supports to withstand the harshest winters. We can replicate all ornamental gutters, collector heads, and downspouts.

    It is important to maintain built-in gutters, such as box gutters, Yankee gutters, and pole gutters. Leaks in these gutter systems can cause extensive interior damage, and, if not properly repaired, may result in structural damage.

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    Ornamental Metal Work

    Though slate and metal roofs have much intrinsic beauty, patterns in the roof and ornamental elements such as finials, collector heads, decorative cornice, and other fancy metallic roof protrusions add another aspect of beauty to the exterior fabric. These items can also uniquely customize new roof installations.

    Preserve the historical and aesthetic value of your ornamental roof with truly unique and dazzlingly beautiful customizations from The Durable Slate Company.