Metal Roofing

A Technique Spanning Centuries

Historical Roofing Process

Metal roofing has a history that extends many centuries. In the early part of this country’s history, many important buildings were roofed with lead, copper, and tin (tin-plated iron). Today, the options for metal roofing for historical buildings include similar choices. Lead is still used, though mostly in Europe. Copper has stood the test of time, and is workable in many different applications. Terne-coated stainless steel (tin and zinc coated 304 stainless steel) can be used where corrosion from salt or run-off of copper might be a concern.

Why Choose The Durable Slate Company

With proper fastening, skilled handling of joints, and adequate consideration for thermal and building movement, a well-installed metal roof can last many decades with little or no maintenance.

Durable Slate installs all types of metal roofing including standing seam, batten seam, soldered flat lock, metal shingles, diamond pattern, and other custom systems.

From Our Clients

I could not ask for better and more careful work than you have done for me over a number of years. It is so impressive that you return to check on the finished work, and if any aspect of it has not been completed as it should have been, it is immediately rectified.In the past, I have recommended your company, and when the opportunity arises I shall do so again. As a matter of fact, I did so today.

— Ann Hansen – Upper Arlington, Ohio