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  • We’re extraordinarily detailed – we obsess over the tiny details that other slate roofing companies miss.
  • We’re the national go-to slate roofing company, serving homes and business throughout the United States and abroad.
  • We have the most comprehensively trained staff in the country. Our staff love working for Durable Slate and it shows in the quality of their craft.
  • We install superb slate and tile products with high standards of installation and service.
  • No mess left behind! Our roofers clean up after themselves.


EXPERT ROOFING Materials & Techniques

slate roofing contractors Arlington VAWe can deal with any style of slate roof on every kind of property. With the biggest, most diverse stock of reclaimed slate in the nation, Durable Slate can match most roofs to perform a thorough restoration, construct a roof on an addition, or overhaul large sections of roof that have been damaged by wind, fire, storm, and natural elements. Restored slate can also be used for a new build if the desire is to have an aged look immediately.

Durable Slate also repairs, installs, and restores all models of high-quality clay-tile roofs. Only a professional tile roofing contractor should repair old clay tile roofs, as they can re-lay tile with new flashings and underlayments. As with our reclaimed slate stock, we carry a large variety of reclaimed clay tiles. Our inventory of reclaimed clay-tile permits us to match most sizes, types, and colors of old clay tiles that are no longer being manufactured.

slate roofing companies Arlington VAWe are the best choice when it comes to the restoration, installation, and repairs of copper gutters and copper roofing.


Our Arlington VA office provides slate roofing services, such as new installation and repair, copper roofing, gutter repair and installation, clay tile roof installations and repairs, and more.
  • slate roof repairs Arlington VACommercial and residential slate roofing maintenance, installation and restoration.
  • Copper roofs, installation, and repair.
  • Clay tile installation and repair.
  • We are roofing contractors who offer full-service specialty slate for high-end houses all over the nation. We repair and install spires, steeples, and other kinds of ornamental roofing.
  • We also provide commercial services for the following structures:
    • Temples, churches, mosques, and synagogues.
    • Education facilities, such as universities, colleges, and other schools.
    • Federal, state, and local government facilities and service agencies.
    • Hospitals and medical centers.