Location: Cincinnati, OH

The church was built in 1867, when the neighborhood was called Fulton (now Riverside). It’s founding congregation members were all connected to the steamboat building industry and so the Ohio river is a strong part of the church’s history. St. Rose sits right on the bank of the Ohio River.
There was a fire in 1894 and, but the church was subsequently restored.

In 2019, we began our work at St. Rose of Lima.  On this job, we repaired 300 slates across the main sanctuary roof.   We also removed their existing gutter liners and fabricated and installed new hand soldered 20 oz. copper box gutter liners.

In addition to this work, we replaced the existing flashings on nine chimneys in new hand soldered copper and we installed approximately 130 feet of new copper ridge cap at the upper main roof and lower side entry roof of the church.

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