Location: Takoma Park, MD

Only a few years after Takoma Park, MD, was founded, Benjamin Franklin Gilbert donated land for the original Takoma Park church building. Several years later, this tiny congregation was beset by financial hardship and local Presbyterians took over the mortgage and ministry. By 1922, the congregation had moved their growing church down road to the stone building pictured below. Over a century later, Takoma Park Presbyterian Church strives to be a place of inclusion and social justice. But their roof has sprung a bit of a leak.

For this project, The Durable Slate Company will be replacing the church's Vermont Purple, Unfading Green, and Mottled Green and Purple slate sanctuary roof. Once complete, The Durable Restoration Company will restore the stone's exterior using historically appropriate mortar, preventing any further water infiltration, restoring the building's magnificent exterior - and interior - for another century of community service.

More than a roof. It's a Legacy.