The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress Names Durable Slate Foreman MVP

It’s not every day that field employees in the construction industry get recognized for their hard work. Unless, of course, it’s a historic election year and your name happens to be, “Joe the Plumber.”

That is why The Durable Slate Company is proud to announce that one of its top foremen, Chad Chambers, has been presented with a national MVP award, recognizing his expertise and dedication to the roofing industry.The award was presented last night, Feb. 4, at the International Roofing Expo in Las Vegas. Chambers is currently in Nevada with colleagues from The Durable Slate Company.

Chambers has been a roofer for the past nine years. He has been with The Durable Slate Company for about five of those years. On working for The Durable Slate Company Chambers said, “I consider what I do to be much more than just roofing. I love the fact that the projects my crews and I complete will last a lifetime. It makes us feel great about the work we do.”

Chambers said that receiving this award proves that positive thinking and hard work really does pay off. Chambers has always been inspired by his grandparents and their strong work ethic. “I think there’s a generation gap in work ethic, faith and values. I’ve always aimed to be at the same level as my grandfather. He’s lived through wars and depression and doesn’t take things for granted,” he said.

The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress sponsors the Roofing Industry’s Most Valuable Player Awards Program, which annually identifies and honors a maximum of ten outstanding roofing workers. These individuals serve as esteemed role models, and demonstrate higher work-related and personal goals to which others may aspire.Judged on his work ethic, workmanship, creative problem solving, contribution to employee retention, leadership qualities and safety record on the projects he runs, Chambers was selected, along with nine others in the roofing industry from across the nation as an MVP by the NRCA.

Chambers is the third Durable Slate employee to receive an MVP award.

More than a roof. It's a Legacy.