Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Built in 1871, Zion Lutheran has an unfortunate history with hurricanes.

A 1915 hurricane blew off its steeple and a shorter steeple replaced it. In 1965, Hurricane Betsy destroyed its beautiful Welsh Purple slate roof. This was replaced with asbestos. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina blew away its roof and all five ornamental crosses.

The Durable Slate Company rebuilt each of the four damaged pinnacles and all five crosses. Each cross was coated in stainless steel. The roof was replaced with Newfoundland Purple slate, the same stone (geologically) as the Welsh purple after tectonic movement. We also installed new copper flashings, custom copper gutters and downspouts as well as a decorative clay tile ridge.  Except for the truncated steeple, the roof now looks original.

More than a roof. It's a Legacy.