Clay Tile Roofing

Installing, Repairing, & Restoring your Clay Roof

A Time-Tested Roofing Method

Clay tile roofing has been in existence for more than 10,000 years. Many buildings in ancient China, Egypt, Babylonia, Rome, and Greece were roofed with clay tiles. Production and installation methods which were used thousands of years ago have evolved little over time and many similar techniques are still used today. In America, European settlers brought this ancient craft with them and evidence of clay tile roofs have been found in early settlements at Roanoke, Jamestown, St. Augustine, and New Orleans. By the mid-seventeenth century, clay tile manufacturing had migrated to America and its use was encouraged by building and fire codes in urban areas due to their fireproof qualities.

Expert Repair & Restoration

Today, The Durable Slate Company installs, repairs and restores all types of clay tile roofs. Our specialty is restoration which requires tiles to be re-laid with new underlayments and flashings. The repair and restoration of old clay tile roofs should only be done by a roofing contractor with such expertise. Much of this type of clay tile restoration today is being carried out by contractors who lack the in-depth knowledge and skill required, resulting in many ruined clay tile roofs.

The Premier Contractor in Clay Tile Roofing

The Durable Slate Company understands what's needed to restore & install clay tile roofing

The Durable Slate Company also carries one of the largest inventories of reclaimed clay tiles in the country and can match many types, sizes, and colors of old clay tiles no longer manufactured. Whether the need is repair due to storm or fire damage, leakage due to worn out felts and flashings, or a new addition that needs to match existing clay tile, The Durable Slate Company is the premier contractor in clay tile roofing.