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Learn & Build

Our goal is to create compensated, high quality apprenticeships that prepare our men and women for work in the high-skilled, high demand sector of historic roofing and historic preservation.

Traditional Craft, Modern Performance

The Durable Slate Company offers company-wide training for all employees.
This includes management training for all administrative and field personnel to help personnel communicate better and manage more effectively.

We train all of our field employees with our Durable Slate created in-house technical courses. This programming teaches the old-world craft of slate repair and installation as well as other restoration methods. The course work along with our hands-on field training make up our apprenticeship program, which tracks a person’s success and skill progression.

Through our industry leading apprenticeship training program, it is easy to succeed and grow while building a truly durable career.
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Earn while you learn.

Earn a competitive wage as you train with us. Our apprentices learn through their work and are fairly compensated.

Build your potential.

Increase your earnings as you gain experience and work alongside true artisans.

Confidence through mastery.

Embody a high demand skill and become the “sharpest tool in the shed” through dedicated practice and artistry.

High demand, high growth.

Build a repertoire of high demand skills in a high growth industry that rewards skill and perseverence. 

Work Hard. Learn Our Art. Build Better.

A new employee starts out as an apprentice, then our apprenticeship program lays out what tools are needed, which skills they must be proficient at and the classroom courses that need taken for each apprentice level. The different levels for roofing are:

Slate Tender
Slate Journeyman
Master Slater
Copper Tender
Copper Journeyman
and Master Coppersmith

Our Quality Control Dept. provides classroom (theory) training as well as practical training on our practice roofs and in the field. We have recently been developing training videos for internal use that can be shared by all branch offices.
slate apprentice training on a durable slate mock-up roof
More than a roof. A legacy.