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We are a nationally available roofing contractor that specializes in slate, clay-tile, and metal roofing, as well as copper gutters and ornamental metal work. Our offices are located throughout Ohio and Maryland. Together, these branches service the entire United States and abroad.  Our local craftsmen are from your community and are committed to preserving your community's history, shingle by shingle.

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Mid-Atlantic Region

The Durable Slate Company, Mid-Atlantic branch serves the entire Baltimore and Washington D.C. metro areas, as well as Annapolis and Hagerstown, Maryland, southern Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, and New Jersey.

Columbus, OH

The Durable Slate Company, Columbus branch, is our headquarters, and services the entire Columbus metro area, as well as nearby Findlay, Lima, Dayton, Springfield, Zanesville, Cambridge, Athens, and Portsmouth, Ohio.

Cincinnati, OH

The Durable Slate Company, Cincinnati branch, services the entire Cincinnati metro area, as well as Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee, including Indianapolis, Anderson, Evansville, Louisville, Nashville, Lexington,  Knoxville, and more.

Cleveland, OH

The Durable Slate Company, Cleveland branch services the entire Cleveland metro area, as well as nearby Akron, Canton, Youngstown, Sandusky, Toledo, and Erie, PA, and Ohio and Pennsylvania broadly.

Our Field Offices.


Indianapolis, IN


Louisville, KY


New Orleans, LA


Tallahassee, FL

*Free estimates are for property owners, churches, public and private institutions as well as corporations. A logistics cost may apply for estimates outside of the following areas: Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland. A fee may be applied for buyers inspections, conditions assessments as well as consultations. Please call for more information.
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