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Mid-Atlantic Branch

The Durable Slate Company is a nationally available historic roofing contractor.

Our Mid-Atlantic Branch provides slate, clay-tile, and copper roofing and gutter services throughout the Eastern United States, including Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, North and South Carolina, and often as far south as Florida and Louisiana.

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Your Roofing Experts

The Durable Slate Company: Mid-Atlantic Branch provides slate roof repair and installation, clay tile roof repair and installation, as well as copper roofing and copper gutter services.

Conveniently located in Savage, MD, halfway between Baltimore, MD, and Washington D.C., our foremen and crew are drawn locally, trained professionally, and are among the best traditional roofers anywhere. You won't find a higher caliber historic roofer.

Unlike other roofing contractors, we follow The Durable Way: a commitment to quality, integrity, and education; a beautiful product, a fair price, and inspiring love of the craft.

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Our Service Areas

  • Alexandria
  • Annandale
  • Arlington
  • McLean
  • Richmond
  • Williamsburg
  • Staunton
West Virginia
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A Passion for Roofing

Our locally sourced, expert craftsman are exceptionally capable historic roofers and coppersmiths with decades of combined experience. We work and behave professionally, with consideration for your well-being and the historic integrity of your home and surround, and are motivated by pride in our work.

Historically sound craftsmanship, transparent business, obsessive attention to detail, strict quality and safety standards is what we offer, in an exchange that will make you a satisfied customer of The Durable Slate Company.

With the right information, home owners can make the best decisions. Our estimators are the information gatherers who bring photos, explanations and recommendations to you. While some roofing estimators exploit the lack of knowledge of those outside of the trade, at Durable we invite your participation and relish any opportunity to share our expertise.
We are not satisfied until sure that your roof's problems and our recommendations are fully understood. We work with you to prioritize your needs and respect your budget in order to form a relationship with you for the long term.

Your roof, no matter the historic material, size, or location, is a unique treasure and the work we perform is meant to last for generations. It is important to us that you appreciate and admire your roof, sharing its story. Historic roofs are more than their function and immediate beauty; they are history. Your history and the history of your home or building.

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Customer Feedback

Tai H., Northwest Washington, Washington, DC
Exceptional quality, craftsmanship, service, professionalism, and value. Unlike any roofing company you've ever dealt with. They just completed a replacement slate mansard roof for my 1920s NW DC townhouse with excellent results, went way beyond my expectations.

I was a slater/roofer in college so I know the trade and was frustrated by the outrageous prices from other companies and their lack of expertise (had to hire this out, too old and wife won't let me hang off 40' scaffolds!). Found Durable in the Slate Roofing Contractors Association directory, saw they specialized in high end slate, tile and copper. Within days Edwin showed up on time for a site visit, had a very open discussion about materials costs, slate options, etc. Days later had a proposal at nearly half the price of the other companies. Kevin kept me updated on scheduling. Neighbor was heartbroken to learn he paid more for a poor quality asphalt shingle job than I paid for slate and copper!

Crew chief Chris and his team Max and Jorgito were meticulous craftsmen with Chris discussing every critical step of the job with me to make sure it was exactly what I wanted.

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Crew cleaned up every day leaving the job site spotless (wife appreciated that). Chris made several suggestions to improve the install especially copper work around a very tricky dormer which turned out to be spot on from a functional and architectural standpoint. Chris also custom fabricated copper on site and in the shop to very closely match my original trim.

Job turned out great, copper work gleams, joints beautifully soldered, and slate is laid out perfectly, proportionally set and balanced. And on the final day a Durable quality control inspector reviewed the work to confirm I was pleased with the results. If you need slate, tile or copper work done this is the company!

This very polished and professional enterprise treated my little job with the same level of care and attention they give to their multi million dollar historic restorations. All for the same price neighbors paid for lesser quality work and materials. As I said at the onset, unlike any other roofing company you're likely to encounter.
slate roof and copper repair on private residence in washington dc

Connect With Us

justin willish, branch manager for durable slate mid-atlantic
Justin Willis, Branch Manager
alex flores, quality control for the durable slate company
Alex Flores, Quality Control
edwin giron, estimator for the durable slate company, mid-atlnatic branch
Edwin Giron, Estimator
kevin alarcon, job planning and preparation for the durable slate company mid-atlantic
Kevin Alarcon, Job Planning & Prep
susana willis, office manager for the durable slate company mid-atlantic
Susanna Willis, Office Manager
The Durable Slate Mid-Atlantic office provides slate, clay-tile, and copper roofing, gutter, and ornamental services to Baltimore and Washington D.C. metro areas, as well as Silver Spring, Annapolis, Hagerstown, and the rest of Maryland. You're likely to spot one of our distinctive red trucks in Old Town, Alexandria, Gaithersburg, McLean, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, or Potomac, Maryland.

We also serve the entirety of New Jersey, Delaware, and North Carolina, and are no strangers to Pennsylvania, especially Harrisburg, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, and Allentown. Lastly, we love visiting Charlottesville, Richmond, and Norfolk, Virginia.

We broadly serve the Eastern United States, but are fond of travelling. If premium historic roofing professionals are needed, we'll be there.
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Work We Love

From Custom Tile Pagodas to Historic Copper Gutters

We also offer commercial roofing services, including the following structures:

  • Schools, universities and other educational facilities
  • Churches, temples, synagogues and mosques
  • Hospitals
  • Federal, state and local government facilities and governmental service agencies

Slate Roof Repair & Installation

The Durable Slate Company: Mid-Atlantic branch specializes in residential, commercial, governmental, and institutional slate roofing installation and repair. Our carefully trained craftsmen, award winning business ethos, and breadth of experience come together to provide a quality of product and service that is unmatched among slate and historic roofing contractors.

Our Mid-Atlantic branch provides world-class service to the entire Eastern United States, including Maryland - where our office is located - nearby District of Columbia, Virginia, Delaware, North and South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida, Louisiana, and more. It is our pleasure to build and preserve the very best slate roofs and distance is no obstacle.

Believe us when we say, The Durable Slate Company is more than a roofing contractor. We build, restore, and preserve the best roofs in the world - old roofs that have withstood a century of rain and snow and new slate roofs who's stories are just beginning.

The Durable Slate Company: Mid-Atlantic works tirelessly to restore and improve America's oldest buildings among her finest historic cities. It is our great pleasure to bring our talents to you, no matter the size of slate roof or type of building. Whether a few misaligned or missing slates or a complete slate roof replacement, don't hesitate to contact us.
a slate roofed house with standing seam copper rooftop in Potomac, Marylandthe christopher gallagher house in Cape May, NJ, after its slate and copper roof repairs were completedpresbyterian church in takoma park maryland, after slate roof repaira group of people in front of a houseBaltimore National Cemetery viewed at a side angle, blue skies, green grass, and white tombstonesazola boys learning center slate roof and slate ridgeB&O Railroad Museum, Gaithersburg, MD

Tile Roof Repair & Installation

The Durable Slate Company: Mid-Atlantic branch specializes in residential, commercial, governmental, and institutional tile roofing installation and repair. As with our other historic roofing services, such as slate and copper roofing, clay-tile roofing is done with the utmost attention to detail and quality of service, resulting in a truly majestic product.

Our Mid-Atlantic branch provides world-class service to the entire Eastern United States, including Maryland - where our office is located - nearby District of Columbia, Virginia, Delaware, North and South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida, Louisiana, and more.

A point worth repeating: although natural roofing materials are hearty, they demand an expert hand to install and maintain them if you want their maximum longevity and lasting beauty. Trivially, the tiles can be damaged if mishandled. But the roofing system can be compromised if clay's unique properties are not considered, unique to your roof or layout.

It's no accident that many of America's finest buildings are roofed in clay-tile. It's majestic appearance is classic, but timeless, and the tradition of skilled craft is at the heart of American values. Smart application and hard work for a lasting, beautiful tile roof is the Durable Way.
red clay roofing tilesgreen clay tile roofing with copper guttersspanish red clay roofing tilesgreen clay roofing tiles and copper dormerClay-tile roof, saint bernardgreen clay tile roof in st paris ohio with evergreens in the backgrounda close shot of spanish red roofing tiles in from a repaired home in south carolina

Copper Roof Repair & Installation

Copper roofing is a popular roofing option known for its durability, longevity, and aesthetic appeal. Copper roofing comes in various styles, including standing seam, flat seam, and diamond-shaped shingles. Standing seam copper roofing is the most common style, with interlocking panels that run vertically on a roof. Flat seam copper roofing involves soldering flat copper sheets together, while diamond-shaped shingles mimic traditional roofing materials like clay or slate.

Installation of a copper roof requires skilled professionals due to its complexity. The process involves measuring the roof area, cutting and shaping the copper sheets, and carefully securing them in place. The roof's pitch and shape will determine how the panels are installed, and proper insulation and underlayment are essential for a successful installation. Copper roofing is low-maintenance, but periodic inspections are recommended to ensure the roof's integrity and prevent potential leaks.

Over time, copper roofing can develop patina, a green or blue-grey layer that forms on the surface. This is a natural occurrence and is actually beneficial for the roof, as it protects the copper from corrosion. However, if a repair is needed due to damage or a leak, it is essential to hire a qualified professional experienced in copper roofing repair. Repair options include patching holes with copper flashing, replacing damaged shingles or panels, and re-soldering seams. It is crucial to address any issues promptly to avoid further damage.

The Durable Slate Company specializes in the installation, repair, and restoration of historic roofing systems, including copper roofing. With over 30 years of experience, their team of skilled craftsmen can handle any copper roofing project, from new installations to intricate repairs. Contact The Durable Slate Company today for a consultation on your copper roofing needs.
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Protect History

Our mission is to build, restore, and protect the world's most beautiful historic roofs. To this end, we gladly support local organizations committed to historic preservation.

Preservation Maryland is dedicated to preserving Maryland’s historic buildings, neighborhoods, landscapes, and archaeological sites through outreach, funding, and advocacy.

Maryland Association of Historic Districts (MAHDC) understands that preservation, at its most vibrant and compelling, takes place locally. MAHDC has been providing training, support, and advocacy to Maryland’s preservation commission members, municipal staff, historic district residents, cultural resource consultants, preservation educators, and grassroots activists for almost 35 years, giving them the tools to responsibly protect Maryland's precious heritage.

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More than a roof.