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Meet The Mid-Atlantic Team

Durable quality for every neighbourhood

The Durable Slate Company: Mid-Atlantic foremen and crew are drawn from the Baltimore and Washington D.C. areas and bring you the quality we promote. They work and behave professionally, with consideration for your well-being, and are motivated by pride in their work. Their craftsmanship is what we offer, in an exchange that will make you a satisfied customer of The Durable Slate Company.

Our Employee Relationship

The Durable Slate Company has a complete commitment to the safety of our employees and is one hundred percent OSHA compliant.

We use only lead-free solder, wear safety harnesses as required and have overhead power-lines turned off when working in their vicinity. We do this out of consideration for our employees, but at the same time relieve our customers of liability for worker injury. The safety of your roof, as well as the employees working on it, is our top priority.


Our Customer Relationship

Built on Respect & Mutual Understanding

We believe homeowners have the ability to make the best decisions. All they need is the best information. Our estimators are the information gatherers who bring photos, explanations and recommendations to you. While some roofing estimators exploit the lack of knowledge of those outside of the trade, at Durable we invite your participation. We are not satisfied until sure that the problems and recommendations are fully understood. We work with you to prioritize your needs, we respect your budget and form a relationship with you for the long term.

“I wanted to write to commend the recent repairs made to our slate roof and to particularly compliment the foreman on our job: Ed Jeffries. He arrived with his assistant, Angel, and they worked straight through the day. Their work was careful, professional, neat and thorough. Ed’s manner and gracious behavior was refreshing and appreciated. He is a remarkable asset to your firm. The careful tile selections he made for our replacements were like watching an artist choose his media and then commence a masterpiece! Everything was done to exacting standard, including the replaced copper piping and additional caulking and repair of a flat roof membrane on a rear addition. There are many houses in our immediate area built between 1935-45 and all with slate roofs that while beautiful, are also prone to damage from the large trees in the area. We have owned our home for 35 years and over that period had work conducted by the only local slate roof repair company that everyone seems to recommend and use. However, on a recent past occasion they actually caused, rather than fixed a problem, and we knew we would never use them again. We set off to research and find a different contractor. When Tim arrived for initial inspection, we knew immediately your company would be our choice for this job, and we were not wrong to make this choice. As you know, we hope to list and sell our house in the coming year, and mentioned the uniquely quality work that was done to make these slate repairs to our agent. She is also a nearby resident with an even larger slate roof, and was immediately interested in having your reference.  Like us, she was not previously aware of your company. Yesterday I requested a few copies of your printed literature be sent to me by mail.  I will distribute them to interested parties and am certain that positive word-of-mouth will soon travel our neighborhood for such excellent niche services as you offer. So all of this is a long way of saying that our job was performed perfectly, the workmen were exceptional in all ways, and the result is a fully restored and beautiful roof we admire each time we leave the house and glance back at it. Thank you!”

–Pamela Getson & Lawrence Rudner


“My family and I have resided in our house for 29 years. During that time, I have engaged numerous local workmen to provide renovations and repairs, including frequent overhauls of the 100+ year old slate roof. Yet never before have we encountered as professional a crew and such fine workmanship as provided by Durable Slate. Without hesitation, Roger and I whole-heartedly recommend your company to anyone requiring slate and/or copper roofing.”

–Evanthea Phipps

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Located in Savage, Maryland

Call 410-235-7500 for your free estimate*

The Durable Slate Mid-Atlantic office serves Baltimore metro, Maryland, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. We offer free estimates on slate, clay tile, and copper roofing as well as copper gutters and box gutters.

8725 Bollman Place
Suite 8
Savage, MD 20763
United States (US)
Phone: 410 235-7500
  • Mid-Atlantic Service Area

Our Residential & Commerical Roofing Services

From Charming Cottages to Towering Steeples
  • Residential and commercial slate roofing installation, maintenance and repairs
  • Copper roofs, repair and installation
  • Clay tile repairs and installations
  • We are full service roofing contractors who have delivered specialty slate for high end home projects across the United States. We also install and repair spiers, steeples and other types of ornamental roofing.
  • We also offer commercial services, including the following structures: Schools, universities and other educational facilities
  • Churches, temples, synagogues and mosques
  • Hospitals
  • Federal, state and local government facilities and governmental service agencies


More About The Durable Slate Company

Historic Appreciation & Application, Only Proper Materials and Techniques

The Durable Slate Company was founded in 1986, in Columbus Ohio. While most roofing companies cast a wide net to capture the most business opportunities, we work with slate, tile and copper exclusively. These trades were commonplace a hundred years ago, but now are rarely performed at a skilled level. A thorough training program gives our tradesmen the opportunity to become expert in these skill-sets, equipping them to take care of your roofing needs.

Finally, we specialize in the installation, restoration and repairs of copper roofing and copper gutters. The Durable Slate Company: Mid-Atlantic branch services the entire Baltimore area, including the Guilford, Roland Park and Homeland neighborhoods, Washington D.C. metro and surround, as well as Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

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