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steeple square copper spire as viewed from below

Masterful Metalwork

Though slate and metal roofs have much intrinsic beauty, patterns in the roof and ornamental elements such as finials, collector heads, decorative cornice, and other fancy metallic roof protrusions add another aspect of beauty to the exterior fabric. These items can also uniquely customize new roof installations.

Beautiful Ornamentation

For over 40 years The Durable Slate Company has been the premier choice among architects and contractors for ornamental metalwork. We've been honored to work on many of America's most cherished buildings and homes, including Florida's State Capital Building, Iowa's Steeple Square, and innumerable high profile churches country-wide.

Exceptional roofs demand exquisite and equally lasting ornamentation. Our highly trained tradespeople have the skill and resources to meet your copper design demands. Whether it's restoring a unique copper piece or building something entirely new, you can expect a high quality product and service.

More than a roof. A legacy.