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    • Hauck Mansion gets another chance

      July 13, 2009

      The Hauck Mansion has lived many different lives since its construction in 1904. At first it was used as a […]

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    • Slate Roofing Contractors Assocation 2009 Conference

      July 9, 2009

      Last week we attended the 2009 Slate Roofing Contractors Assocation Conference in Frankfort, Kentucky. This year it was held in […]

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    • The clock is ticking

      July 1, 2009

      Homeowners only have so long to take advantage of the current energy-efficient tax credits. The folks over at Old House […]

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    • Why you should feel good about your roof

      June 15, 2009

      Homeowners with slate and tile roofs are doing something good for the environment, without even knowing it. You don’t think […]

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    • Is your roof leaking around the chimney?

      April 28, 2009

      This guest post comes to you from Mark Sherby, Director of Quality Control at The Durable Slate Company: Chimney leaks […]

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    • Another Opinion on ‘This Old Wasteful House’

      April 8, 2009

      This op-ed piece in Monday’s New York Times has people all over the historic preservation community talking. So, I figured […]

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    • Restoring Grandeur

      March 19, 2009

      Have to point out that Durable Slate‘s work at the Zion Lutheran Church in Akron was profiled in this month’s […]

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    • Spring is in the air

      March 5, 2009

      Every year it seems as though it will never come for us Ohioans. But with a high today of 58 […]

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    • Heritage Ohio

      March 2, 2009

      Now in its third year, Heritage Ohio welcomes nominations for the 2009 Top Opportunities list. Nominating an endangered historic building […]

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    • Dear Mr. President

      February 19, 2009

      Remember my Obama on Preservation post back in December? Well, it turns out those of you who responded shared some […]

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    • How to Handle Storm Damage on Your Roof

      February 12, 2009

      Our advice to homeowners experiencing storm damage on their roofs: Call your roofer IMMEDIATELY if you suspect there might be […]

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    • A Little Yankee Ingenuity

      February 10, 2009

      You might not know it now, but I have some very fond memories watching Bob Vila on This Old House […]

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    • The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress Names Durable Slate Foreman MVP

      February 5, 2009

      It’s not every day that field employees in the construction industry get recognized for their hard work. Unless, of course, […]

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    • Are You Investing in Your Home This Year?

      January 27, 2009

      As I was reading the Angie’s List Company Connect newsletter this afternoon, I came across a surprising figure: 60 percent […]

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    • Prevent Harmful Ice Dams on Your Roof

      January 21, 2009

      Did you know that many older homes are either without felt or have deteriorated felt between their slate and wood […]

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    • Stimulate the Economy while Creating Jobs

      January 16, 2009

      Old House Handy Man, Alan Miller, posts about historic preservation’s benefit to the economy. Miller links to a story from […]

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    • When Life Hands You Lemons…

      January 9, 2009

      This article in Traditional Building strengthens our prediction that people are going to start looking at historic restoration as a […]

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    • Taking adaptive reuse efforts to a whole new level

      January 8, 2009

      A mobile island floating on 250,000 recycled plastic bottles… You have to check out this unique collection of sustainable architecture:

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