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Power of Nature.

Although slate roofs are among the most durable roofs available, high winds, hail, and flying debris from a powerful storm can cause significant damage. Even minor damage can cause leaks, allowing mildew to grow undetected. With more storms on the way, there's no time to wait to schedule your estimate and slate roof repair.

close up of steeple square copper welding work with blue sky in the backgroundclose up of steeple square copper welding work with blue sky in the background

Storm Damage?

Because most insurance companies allow you only a limited amount of time to make a claim, it’s important to have your slate roof inspected after a severe storm. Leaks caused by wind, hail, or falling debris may not be obvious until significant damage has accumulated and is visible inside your home. Besides unsightly damage and dangerous structural issues, un-repaired roof leaks are food for mildew and mold, creating unknown hazards to your health and more expensive repairs down the road.

Our expert estimators will assess your slate roof for problems, paying special attention to possible storm damage. Throughout the process, they will take high-quality digital photos of any storm damage to help with your insurance claim.

Natural vs Storm Damage

large pieces of hail that can damage a slate roof
Large hail and strong winds can damage slate roofs.
Bad slate installation can look like storm damage, but is not.
Some hail damage is obvious, as seen above.
Although slate is measured to withstand hail, it can be damaged.
Even durable slates can be damaged by large hail and strong winds.
Another example of a poor install that looks like storm damage.
Incorrect nailing can result in premature damage to your slates.
Chinese slate tends to wear more quickly; the rust spots are from only two years of use.

Mildew & Mold

Mildew and mold are fungi that thrive in warm, moist indoor environments. Both are associated with respiratory problems, including sneezing, coughing, and shortness of breath, that are worse for individuals with mold or mildew allergies. Mold occurs naturally outdoors and can be carried into the home on your shoes, clothing, or pets. Mildew prefers to grow on flat surfaces, such as a bathroom wall or ceiling. The appearance of either indicates uncontrolled moisture. Mildew growing on a ceiling, especially in the attic, might signal a roof leak. Roof leaks can start small, permitting water to enter slowly. Mildew, which floats freely in the air, everywhere, will discover this moisture and begin to grow. The only way to prevent mildew is to repair the roof leak and dry out those surfaces. If left unrepaired, a small leak can cause more difficult to repair structural problems, in addition to the respiratory hazards from mildew or mold.

If you notice mildew growing and are worried about a roof leak, contact The Durable Slate Company for a thorough inspection and no-pressure estimate.

mildew growing in an attic because of a roof leakmore mildew growing on the underside of a roof

Frequent Hurricanes

Tropical storms are terrifying, powerful forces of nature. In the last year, Hurricane Isaias, Laura, Sally, and Zeta have threatened life and property, causing expensive damage for home owners. Your roof is the most exposed to the hurricane's mighty wind, hail, and rain. Problems with your roof need to be addressed early or as soon as possible to avoid compounding problems and costs.

While historic roofs are essentially durable, no roof is invulnerable. Existing, unrepaired issues with your roof, such as hidden cracks or holes, missing slates or tiles, or clogged gutters could contribute to premature roof failure when confronted with a hurricane. Good preparation, a timely inspection, and routine maintenance and repairs are the key to helping your roof survive the worst storm and to make the aftermath more bearable.

doppler radar of hurricane florencehurricane picture

Avoid “Storm-Chasers” & Amateurs

Amateurs or predatory “storm-chasers” often promise cheap, fast repairs immediately after a storm. All too often, these repairs fail prematurely – sometimes before the next storm – requiring that the original damage be fixed once more, as well as any new problems caused by the faulty repair. Save yourself the heartache of a leaky roof or inferior repair by choosing a slate roofing contractor who specializes in historic roofing.

Awarded frequently for business integrity and quality craftsmanship, The Durable Slate Company will expertly manage your slate roof repair, no matter the damage, type of building, or size. Moreover, our Quality Control division is in place to guarantee your complete satisfaction.

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