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Power of Nature.

Although slate roofs are among the most durable roofs available, high winds, hail, and flying debris from a powerful storm can cause significant damage. Even minor damage can cause leaks, allowing mildew to grow undetected. With more storms on the way, there's no time to wait to schedule your estimate and slate roof repair.

A damaged slate roof? No time to wait.

Because most insurance companies allow you only a limited amount of time to make a claim, it’s important to have your slate roof inspected after a severe storm. Leaks caused by wind, hail, or falling debris may not be obvious until significant damage has accumulated and is visible inside your home. Besides unsightly damage and dangerous structural issues, un-repaired roof leaks are food for mildew and mold, creating unknown hazards to your health and more expensive repairs down the road.

For anyone in need of a roof repair, The Durable Slate Company is currently offering free storm damage inspections within our service areas.

Our expert estimators will assess your slate roof for problems, paying special attention to possible storm damage. Throughout the process, they will take high-quality digital photos of any storm damage to help with your insurance claim.

Avoid “Storm-Chasers” & Amateurs

Amateurs or predatory “storm-chasers” often promise cheap, fast repairs immediately after a storm. All too often, these repairs fail prematurely – sometimes before the next storm – requiring that the original damage be fixed once more, as well as any new problems caused by the faulty repair. Save yourself the heartache of a leaky roof or inferior repair by choosing a slate roofing contractor who specializes in historic roofing.

Awarded frequently for business integrity and quality craftsmanship, The Durable Slate Company will expertly manage your slate roof repair, no matter the damage, type of building, or size. Moreover, our Quality Control division is in place to guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Call today to schedule

Call us at 877-340-9181 or reach out to one of our local branches to schedule your free storm damage inspection today. Insurance claims often need to be submitted within a limited time frame, so don’t wait. Contact us today!

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